Area 面积 : 230平方米
Cost 造价 : 12万
Period 工期 : 35天
Add 地址 : 郑州富田太阳城



We often hear the word "low EQ" in our life. Can EQ exercise? Of course, it can, and it must be picked up from the doll. 3Q children's business school is designed to provide 1-7-year-old children with intelligence, emotional intelligence and other training courses, and is online and offline nationwide chain! Party A entrusts hongyutang, a decoration company of Zhengzhou professional training institution, to be responsible for the decoration design of Zhengzhou Futian Sun City sub campus, so as to create a happy, healthy and exploratory education space for children.


▲门头展示效果  Display effect of front door


▲接待大厅展示效果  Exhibition effect of reception hall


According to the design concept of hongyutang, the reception desk is made of wood color, and the geometric color block on the image wall echoes with the white cloud light on the ceiling, which increases the interest of the space. The ceiling of the hall uses geometric circular lights of different colors. The classroom is designed according to the use function. The ceiling and decoration of each classroom have their own characteristics. Children enjoy learning and playing here.


▲走廊展示效果  Corridor display effect


▲教室展示效果  Classroom display effect

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