2020-01-02 09:34:08 宏钰堂教育 105


the case is located on adelaide street in brisbane, australia. in this cbd area, the architect overcomes the limitation of complex design conditions and finally completes a wonderful design. Next follow the Zhengzhou early education center decoration company Hongyu Tang to see their decoration design.




The design team investigated the composition of the user's age and the size of the existing room in the space. The space is unique, but it requires some creative ideas to activate it. Designers use a new rooftop garden and a play area, while the atrium also meets the need for outdoor space. Children can experience seven senses in the atrium: they can touch the bark, step barefoot on the stepping stone, and look down on the raised platform.




Designers divide the whole into fourteen learning spaces to provide suitable facilities and environment for children of different ages. Each learning space leads directly to the inner play area, which includes a natural environment area and a recreation and education facility area. The playground offers many things to explore, from bicycle loops, rope bridges, water games, sand pits to quiet reading areas. Natural wood and stone are used in interior space in the form of carpentry to add warmth.




Another innovation for the designer is the setting of live cooking links. A cook will prepare food at the scene. This is rare in early education centers. This is to give children the opportunity to understand and even participate in the process of food preparation. Therefore, the kitchen is designed to look like a small stage. Children can sit around the kitchen and see the inside through the window. 




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